Good in Tagalog

In Tagalog the word for “good” is “magandang.” The following are some phrases that use the word “good” in Tagalog.

To say “good noon” when the clock strikes twelve o’clock pm, you would should say “magandang tanghali.” When you want to say “good afternoon” to someone you could say “magandang hapon.” If you want to wish someone a good day, then simply say “magandang araw.”

It is interesting to note that the word for “goodbye” in Tagalog is “paalam” and “maganda’ is not a part of the translation. “ Paalam” is used to say goodbye.

When you mean to compliment someone for the good job he did, you can say “you did a good job” which can be expressed in Filipino as “nakagawa ka ng maayos na trabaho.” “Maayos na trabaho” means “good job.” Another term that also pertains to “good job” is “galing ng trabaho.”

When you are speaking about food and you want to use the word “good” in reference to food then the word “masarap” is used. For example when we want to say “brewed coffee is good for breakfast” we would say “ang nilagang kape ay masarap sa umagahan.” And yet another example would be the phrase “gusto ko ng masarap na umagahan” which means “I want a good Filipino breakfast.”

Another term that also means “good” is “mabuti.” Here are some phrases using “mabuti.”: To say “good example” we could say “mabuting halimbawa” in Tagalog. The phrase “in good faith” translates as “nasa mabuting kapakanan.” As an aside, the word for “goodness” in Tagalog is “kabutihan.”

Although it may be a little overwhelming because of the different ways to say and use the word “good” in Tagalog, be aware that these words can be learned. Practice often, and put in the time and effort to learn them.