How to Speak Tagalog

If one has friends from the Philippines then at some point one might be asked to visit. Learning to speak Tagalog is a good idea. In order to speak Tagalog one can begin learning Tagalog phrases so that if one visits the country, one will have the added advantage of knowing some words.

People will usually have different suggestions on how to learn Filipino (Tagalog). Friends are a good resource in this aspect because they can recommend sites where they themselves might have found material on how to learn Tagalog.

“Mabuhay” is a common word one can expect to hear a Filipino say and the word can mean any number of things such as “cheers,” “welcome,” “hello” or “good luck.” When learning to speak Tagalog here are some good words to learn: “kumain” (eat), “tumawag” (call), and “umupo” (sit). Memorization is important and words such as “stand” which is “tumayo” and “dagat” which means ocean could come in useful at some point.

When learning how to speak Tagalog it is a good idea to learn how to address younger and older people. If addressing an older person, let’s say a grandfather, then one would use the word, “Manong” and when speaking with a grandmother then the word “Manang” could be used. Also, when speaking to elders or when one wants to be polite then using the words “po“ or “ho” is a good idea because it shows respect and phrases where “po” or “ho” are used tend to be formal and polite. Additionally, the English words “Sir” and “Maam” are often used to be polite.

As seen from the use of “Sir,” “Madam” and such words, using both English and Tagalog words in a phrase or sentence is gaining in popularity in the Philippines and the practice is often referred to as speaking Taglish. When learning how to speak Tagalog one will often encounter many English words being spoken alongside Tagalog words. If one wants to learn how to speak pure Tagalog one can always ask for the English word to be translated.

Visiting the Philippines is something many decide to do. Knowing how to speak Tagalog and at the least knowing some basic words and phrases can help make ones stay more memorable.