“I” in Tagalog

In this article we will look at some ways to use the word “I” in Tagalog. In Tagalog the word “ako” means “I.”

Here are some examples using “ako.” In the Philippines people can introduce themself in casual situations by saying “Kumusta? Ako si ….” (Hi / How are you?, I am ….). If someone were asked the question “ilang taon ka na” (how old are you) then a possible reply could be “ako ay bentisingko anyos (I am twenty-five years old). In this case the word “anyos” means “years” and “benti” means “twenty” while singko” means “five.”

If one wanted to tell someone more about themself they could start by saying “ako ay nakatira sa Maynila” (I live in Manila). Furthermore the statement “ako ay pumasok ng kolehiyo sa Unibersidad ng Pilipinas” would mean “I went to college in the University of the Philippines.”

Other common phrases where the word “I” in Tagalog, is used include: “ako ay naantok na” (I am sleepy) and the phrase “andito ako” (I am here) which can be used in a variety of situations. The phrase “ako ay gutom na” means “I am hungry.”

When speaking about what one likes the phrase “gusto kong” is often used in response. So for example if one is asked “anong uri ng pagkain ang gusto mo” (what kind of food do you like); the reply might be “Gusto ko ng….” (I enjoy ….) followed by the name of the food. For instance, the word for “chicken” is “manok.” Therefore, one could say “gustgo kong manok” which means: I like chicken.” Alternatively you could include the word “kumain” and say: “gusto kong kumain ng manok” which would mean “I like eating chicken.”

As seen, the term “gusto kong” can be used to express what you like. Let’s look at another way to use this word for saying “I like” in Tagalog. To say that I like (listening to) music then that would be: “Gusto kong nakikinig sa musika” (I like listening to music).

“I” in Tagalog is “ako” and when saying something such as “I am tall” (ako ay mataas) then it is used. However, to say “I like” in Tagalog then it would be “gusto kong” as in “I like pizza” (gusto kong pizza). Whatever food you like can be substituted in the phrase.