Love in Tagalog

In this article we will look at how to say “love” in Tagalog. Other phrases related to the word will also be looked at.

Improving ones linguistic capabilities and concentrating on learning how to speak Tagalog fluently can help one in certain aspects of life depending on ones reason for wanting to do so. Some people want to learn how to speak Tagalog so that they can travel. Others want to learn the language because of a spouse, family or for any number of other reasons.

Some people find that after a whirlwind courtship, which is referred to as “pagliligawan, in Tagalog, ” or after being proposed to, they realize that they might want to begin learning Tagalog. Knowing the words for love in Tagalog might be something that might be necessary to express feelings for a wife, husband, family or loved one. In general the word “mahal” means “love” in Tagalog.

Some words and phrases involving love in Tagalog include “mahal kita” which means “I love you.” A few romantic phrases that refer to love in Tagalog include ones such as “Madali ang mahalin ka” (Loving you is easy) and Mahal ko siya” which can mean “I love him” and it can also mean “I love her.” Aside from this, the word “love” can be used when speaking about a job or such thing. For instance, “Mahal ko ang trabaho ko” would mean “I love my job.”

In Filipino tradition, when a man wants to marry a woman, the man’s family and relatives would accompany him to the woman’s parent’s house, where they would perform a “Pamamanhikan” and at that time the man asks for permission from her parents, to marry their daughter.

As per custom, the man might bring a lot of delicious food when he comes to the parents. If the parents come to an agreement then they usually give their formal consent for the marriage to take place.

Some interesting things to know about Filipino culture and the customs are that according to the Filipino laws, one needs to get an annulment, as divorce is not the legal acceptable way to leave your partner.

To learn the words and phrases related to love in Tagalog it is necessary to practice speaking Tagalog in ones spare time as much as possible. Remember that the word for love in Tagalog is “mahal” and phrases involving the word ”love” will quite often include this word. Don’t be surprised if from time to time you hear Filipinos lapse into speaking Taglish. Taglish is Tagalog spoken with English.