Romantic Tagalog Phrases

When romantic feelings are in the air, people want to fall in love and some want to get married. In the Philippines there are many romantic Tagalog phrases couples might say to each other. Tagalog (Filipino) is a language widely spoken in the Philippines; in fact it is the national language.

In romantic fashion, a “young man” which is “binata” in the Filipino language might serenade (harana) the young woman (dalaga) he loves. He might go with his “kaibigan” which means friends in Tagalog. The binata (young man) and his friends might visit the home of his love (mahal) interest. Someone in the group could have a guitar (gitara), and plays it while the binata sings love songs as the dalaga looks on. The man is usually seeking not only the woman’s approval but also that of her parent’s (magulang’s). It is an understanding in the Philippines that matters of love might not run smoothly or blossom without the consent or support of the parents.

Though singing may seem easy, for young men, winning the young woman’s love (pag-ibig ng dalaga / pagmamahal ng dalaga) might not be easy. Many Filipino women (dalagang Pilipina) tend not to easily show their feelings of love to admirers (manliligaw). Filipino men become “makata” or poetic which is a word used to describe both the written or oral form of poetry that ladies can be swayed towards if they really like the man. If and when the woman accepts the man’s love, this is known as pag-ibig or pagmamahal in Filipino.

With the introduction of new technologies the ways of courtship have changed. Nowadays, couples can send romantic Tagalog phrases to each other. They could text such messages as “mahal kita” meaning “I love you” and in reply the person could respond “I love you too” which translates as “mahal din kita.”

Flowers (bulaklak) and chocolates (tsokolate) are also used to win someone’s affection. On Valentine’s Day (Maligayang araw ng mga puso) girlfriends (nobya) and boyfriends (nobyo) give gifts and go out. It is especially during this time that romantic Tagalog phrases such as “lagi kitang naiisip” (I always think of you) are used.

Soap operas and other romantic television series (teleserye) and films (pelikula) are also popular in the Philippines.

People all across the globe use romantic phrases when speaking to someone with whom they are romantically involved. The phrase “Ako ay napamahal na sa iyo” (I’m in love with you) is one such romantic phrase which might be said to someone special.