Learn Filipino (Tagalog) using audio and text.

  • The Filipino language is spoken in the Philippines and many of the words are from the Tagalog language.
  • Learn the Filipino (Tagalog) language using audio.
  • In the audio: Hear the Filipino (Tagalog) words, vocabulary, examples, phrases and more being spoken with the translation given in English.
  • Listen to a native Filipino speaker pronounce the words.
  • The audio available here has thousands of Filipino words.
  • The audio is over 3 hours long.
  • Find out how to say many things in Filipino including common words, words for counting, days of the week, telling time, things to say at an airport, words one can use when at a store, things that can be said at a hotel, how to ask questions, words used when meeting or to get-to-know someone, conversational words,descriptive words, vocabulary words for family members,occupations, and MORE.
  • The Filipino (Tagalog) language audio is useful for beginners or those at an intermediate level or anyone who wants to know how to say things in the Filipino language.

Here is more information about the audio:

  • In the audio find: various greetings that are used when saying hello.
  • Learn responses to greetings.
  • Hear questions and responses in Filipino (Tagalog) and the meaning in English.
  • Find vocabulary, useful Filipino (Tagalog) words.
  • Learn ways of asking for things and asking questions.
  • Hear examples of Filipino words being used in phrases or sentences.
  • Hear words that can be useful at an airport, words that can be used at a hotel, vocabulary that can be useful when shopping.
  • Hear as verbs are conjugated to the present tense, past tense, future tense.
  • The audio has things someone could say at a restaurant, words and phrases related to visiting the doctor, words and phrases related to education and school.
  • Find ways to show possession (my,his, her etc.)
  • Also included are vocabulary for: counting, time, colors, animals, plus more.
  • In the audio hear words that show relationship to someone (my brother, his brother etc.)
  • All this and much more.

When listening to the audio:

  • Listen and learn many Filipino (Tagalog) words and their pronunciation.
  • Get a feel for the flow and sound of the language.
  • After continued listening you should be able to start using the vocabulary to make your own sentences.
  • In the audio, at times, examples are given using the Filipino (Tagalog) words and phrases in sentences so you can hear the word and get a feel for how it can be used.

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More information About the Filipino language audio:

  • You will hear the English then the Filipino (Tagalog) pronunciation followed by the meaning in English or vice versa.
  • At times, an example of how the Filipino word or phrase can be used is given.
  • The Filipino audio are in both English and the Filipino (Tagalog) language.
  • The audio is playable in your portable audio player or on your computer.
  • The audio is over 3 hours long, and comes with an ebook. The ebook contains much of what is said in the audio.
  • The downloadable Filipino language audio + ebook is about 223 MB in size.

About the Text Manual (also referred to as the “ebook” ):

  • A Text Manual (ebook) accompanies the audio.
  • The Text Manual is written in English and the Filipino (Tagalog) words are presented. The Filipino (Tagalog) language is written in English transliteration.
  • Both the audio and Text Manual are available for Download. after purchase.

Below is a short sample taken from the text manual (ebook):

Advantages of the Filipino audio and text

  • The audio can be an alternative to hiring a tutor.
  • The audio is available at any hour of the day or night.
  • The audio features a native speaker of the Filipino language: The audio can be replayed and listened to over and over again at your leisure.
  • The audio can be replayed and listened to time and time again until the material is memorized.
  • Use the accompanying Text Manual to reinforce or clarify what is in the audio.
  • For this audio: You pay one time and there are no more payments.
  • The audio is available for download immediately after your order is processed.

Bonus Material Included

  • As a bonus we have included an interview with a native Filipino speaker.
  • In the interview you will hear Filipino words and vocabulary and the meanings for these in English.
  • During the interview the Filipino speaker translates English words to the Filipino language and gives some insight into the language.
  • The Bonus material contains words a traveler or someone wanting to learn Filipino (Tagalog) might find useful

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